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How to Play

The basics of how to play a game

This example is based on 'Napoleon At Waterloo'. Although the rules of each HexWar game are different, the basics of the user interface are the same.


  1. Opening the Game
  2. The Game Menus
  3. Moving a Unit
  4. Normal Combat
  5. Barrage Attacks
  6. Cancelling a Highlighted Combat
  7. Ending the Game Turn

1. Opening the Game

1.1 Splash Screen: Click Continue.

Click 'Continue'.

1.2 Turn Status: Click Continue.

Click 'Continue'.

2. The Game Menus

When you are in the game, you can hover your mouse over any button in the toolbar for a description of what it does.

3. Moving a Unit

The moving unit's movement allowance is shown at the bottom of the window:

Darkened units have completed their movement. The unit that is currently moving is highlighted.

4. Normal Combat

4.1 Review who can attack and defend:

Units that must attack and defend are a lighter colour. Those that cannot attack or defend are a darker colour.

4.2 Click on any of the light coloured units, yours or the enemy's, to cycle through all legal combat options:

Short red arrows indicate which units are currently selected to attack and defend.

4.3 Review the possible combat outome:

The current combat's odds, attacker and defender strength, terrain, and probability of each outcome are show. Click 'Attack' to procede with the combat.

4.4 Can any artillery support this attack?

In the 'Artillery Barrage' area, click any listed artillery to add it to the combat.

The selected artillery is highlighted on the map, showing it has joined the combat.

The combat odds, factors and possible outcomes change when the artillery is added.

5. Barrage Attacks

Attacking with only non-adjacent artillery units.

5.1 Select an artillery unit:

With no other units highlighted for combat (click cancel if there are any), click an available artillery unit. The artillery and all its possible targets gain an orange border.

5.2 Select a target:

Click one of the highlighted enemy units. A 'barrage' attack line appears joining your artillery and its target. The combat odds, etc., are displayed as explained above.

5.3 Select more friendly artillery units:

Click any other available artillery units within range, and they will join in the barrage attack.

6. Cancelling a highlighted combat

In case you want to set up a different combat from the start.

Click 'Cancel' to clear the currently selected combat, to try a different attack.

7. Ending the Game Turn

Just click the 'End Phase' button at the end of the combat phase.

The 'End Phase' button will not be highlighted if there are units that MUST attack, and have not yet done so.

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