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Company Commander

Company level combat from 1939 to 2030.  Command a reinforced company in a wide range of scenarios facing off against the Axis in World War II, to battling the Russian Federation in 2030.  This unique game system not only accurately depicts company level combat, it has also possibly the most in depth analytics engine of any wargame.

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Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific

Coming Fall 2024: This is the digital version of the outstanding wargame of 2023 by Sebatian Bae.  A 'grand tactical' wargame which explores the future of warfare.  The game is designed to be accessible to all levels of players, whether civilian or military, and with no experience with games necessary to play (though it is helpful!).  Utilizing a dynamic card-oriented game system, Littoral Commander offers fast-paced, accessible, and flexible gameplay with plenty of player interaction.

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NATO Division Commander

Coming Fall 2024: A 'battalion level simulation of conflict in contemporary Europe', NATO Division Commander gradually introduces players to the most complex version of mechanics of modern warfare.  The game is a War College-level education on the conduct of World War III operations at Division/Brigade level between NATO and Russian Federation forces. The game has as one of its basic premises the idea that unit strength.

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Russian Campaign

Fight the War in Russia from 1941 to 1945.  Russian Campaign has been universally acclaimed as one of the finest wargames ever produced.  With exceptional ease and playability, the game conveys the feel of the actual campaign and is exceptionally accurate historically. Both players will have to use the subtle skills, advantages, and tactics of their historical counterparts to win.

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