Battles of the Ancient World II out now!

21st May 2015

The second instalment of our Battles of the Ancient World series, which includes 5 large battle maps playable as both sides, is out now on iPhone, iPad and Mac!

New campaign for Tank Battle: East Front 1943

20th May 2015

Tank Battle: East Front screenshotWe’ve just added a new purchasable 8 mission campaign to Tank Battle: East Front 1943 called “Push Back”. As well as this, you can now also unlock a new, free mission in the ‘Bonus’ campaign that is also included in this update.

Rebels & Redcoats now on iPhone!

14th May 2015

Rebels and Redcoats Logo

The digital edition of Decision Games’ Rebels & Redcoats is now available for iPhone!

Rebels & Redcoats recreates the pivotal battles of the American War of Independence. Take command as either the American colonies or the British Empire and shape the future of a nation with 10 historical battles.

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The 'Battles of the Ancient World' game system is a tactical simulation of the some of the greatest and most important battles from 331 B.C. to 9 A.D..

Bull Run recreates the first major battle of the American Civil War between the Union and Confederate armies. Take command of an Union army of Northeast Virginia or the Confederate…

Land your troops on the beaches of northern France, lay bridges to cross flooded enemy defences, avoid tanktraps, clear the area of dangerous minefields and overcome the enemy!

Fight various battles across Europe throughout the medieval ages. Each campaign is themed around battles between France and some of its various enemies in Flanders, Navarre and Aragon.

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought from 1st to 3rd July 1863, in Pennsylvania and was the turning point of the American Civil War.

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James Franklin — Patient Zero — collapses after stepping off a plane from the Congo at JFK International Airport. He is rushed to Forest Hills Hospital where he is placed…

Nuts!: The Battle of the Bulge is a Decision Games card game that recreates the famous World War Two battle.

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