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HexWar was been supplying games to gamers since April 2004.  Over the years it has built hexwar.com and from 2012 moved into mobile game development with HexWar.com. Now it makes and supports a wide range of games for PC, Android, Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad.



hexwar.com is a membership based web site.  Members are able to play a wide range of SPI and Decision games board games converted to on-line play.  Non-members can play the classic game Napoleon At Waterloo free of charge as often they wish, and any of the avaialble games for two game turns.



HexWar.com is our main web site hosting our highly successful range of war and strategy games for Apple iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC and Android.


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HexWar and Decision Games have been working closely together since 2002 to convert great board games into great digital games.

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'HexWar' and 'Hex War' are registered trademarks and are the property of HexWar Ltd., Fortrose, UK.
Many documents and images are produced under license from Decision Games LLC, Bakersfield, USA.