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Atlanta 1864

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May 1864, three Union armies have been assembled by General Sherman for the march into Georgia.  The Army of the Cumberland was the largest command by Major General George H. Thomas.  The Army of the Tennessee was the second largest commanded by Major General James B. McPherson. Major General John M. Schofield commanded the Army of the Ohio which was the smallest of the assembled armies.  Facing Sherman was General Joseph E. Johnston and his Army of Tennessee who was outnumbered by 2 to 1 but forces from Mississippi, Mobile and the Atlantic coast were on the way to swell his ranks. Rocky Face Ridge near Dalton, Georgia was Sherman's first major obstacle.  The next was the Etowah River. By June 18th Johnston had taken up his strongest position at the Kennesaw Mountain Line.  By early July Sherman had pushed Johnston back through north Georgia and the next goal was Atlanta. Destroying the railroads and capturing factories around the city would provide a political boost to President Abraham Lincoln and impair the southern war effort.

Atlanta 1864 consists of:
  • 7 mission 'Tutorial' campaign, played as Union.
  • 4 mission 'Rebel Yell' Campaign. Key events from May 9th - May 15th.
  • 5 mission 'Bayonets and Shells' Campaign. Key events from May 27th - June 20th. (In-app purchase for Android users)
  • 6 mission 'Yankee Hurrah' Campaign. Key events from June 20th - July 21st. (In-app purchase for Android, iPhone and iPad users)
  • 6 mission 'The Battle of Atlanta' Campaign. Key events from the battle of Atlanta. (In-app purchase for Android, iPhone and iPad users)
  • With the exception of the tutorial all missions can be played as either side.
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