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Battle for Tobruk, November 1941

Screenshot of a game of Crusader in progress.

Crusader is a simulation of the combat between the forces of the British Empire and those of Germany and Italy in the Western Desert of Egypt and Libya during the British Winter 1941 Offensive. The offensive was code-named Operation Crusader.

Number of Hexes: 1014
Number of Units: 100
Number of Game Turns: 18
Exclusive Rules
Game Notes
Terrain Effects Chart
Combat Results Table
Unit Images
Crusader Game Map
Hot Seat Mode
All players can complete the first two turns in Hot Seat mode. Only members can complete the whole game in hot-seat mode or against other HexWar members
Microsoft Windows Windows
Technical Note
If you see the error message 'Runtime error 5' while playing this game, please ignore it as it is harmless.

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