Battles of the Ancient World III available now + Infection and Wellington’s Victory release dates announced!

4th June 2015

BotAW ScreenshotThe third instalment of our Battles of the Ancient World series is out now and includes the battles of:

Megiddo (1457 B.C.), Kadesh (1275 B.C.), Lake Trasimene (217 B.C.), Munda (45 B.C.) and Adrianople (378 A.D.)

Victory Point Games’ Infection release date confirmed

Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp

Based on John Gibson’s board game, we’re pleased to announce that the digital edition of the game will be coming to PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad on Thursday, 11th June 2015.

To find out more about the game, check out the preview page and also Pocket Tactics first look at the game.

Wellington’s Victory releasing on the Bicentenary of Waterloo

Wellington's Victory

To commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, we will be releasing the digital edition of Decision Games’ Wellington’s Victory on iPad, iPhone and Mac on June 18th.

At dawn on June 18th, the torrential rain which had soaked the Belgium countryside the previous day began tapering off. Seventy thousand French troops, constituting the bulk of Napoleon’s Armee du Nord, which two days earlier had vanquished the Prussian Army of the Rhine at Ligny, now expected to exploit their initial victory by destroying the unsupported and inexperienced Anglo-Dutch forces which the Duke of Wellington had deployed across the Brussels-Charleroi highway a few miles south of the inconsequential hamlet called Waterloo.

That morning at his headquarters in Le Caillou, Napoleon discussed the impending battle with his subordinates while awaiting the arrival of several French Corps which had bivouacked further south. Disagreeing with the French generals whom Wellington had consistently defeated in Spain, Napoleon insisted that his opponent was a poor commander and that the English troops were much inferior to the French. The battle which Napoleon envisioned would resemble ‘le petit dejeuner’, Wellington’s army would be devoured as easily as a light continental breakfast.

Battles of the Ancient World II out now!

21st May 2015

The second instalment of our Battles of the Ancient World series, which includes 5 large battle maps playable as both sides, is out now on iPhone, iPad and Mac!

New campaign for Tank Battle: East Front 1943

20th May 2015

Tank Battle: East Front screenshotWe’ve just added a new purchasable 8 mission campaign to Tank Battle: East Front 1943 called “Push Back”. As well as this, you can now also unlock a new, free mission in the ‘Bonus’ campaign that is also included in this update.

Rebels & Redcoats now on iPhone!

14th May 2015

Rebels and Redcoats Logo

The digital edition of Decision Games’ Rebels & Redcoats is now available for iPhone!

Rebels & Redcoats recreates the pivotal battles of the American War of Independence. Take command as either the American colonies or the British Empire and shape the future of a nation with 10 historical battles.

Rebels & Redcoats coming to iPhone on Thursday!

10th May 2015

We’re releasing the iPhone edition of Rebels & Redcoats this Thursday (previously only available on iPad & Mac). Take command as either the American colonies or the British Empire and shape the future of a nation on the move!

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