Ancient Battle: Rome now available for PC, Mac and Android!

15th August 2017

Lightning: D-Day

Save 10% at for PC and Mac and 50% on iOS until 22nd August 2017

Enter code: ‘ROMELAUNCH’ when placing your order to apply the discount for PC and Mac!

Designed from the ground up Ancient Battle: Rome gives a unique wargaming experience. Use Roman legionaries, elephants, catapults, heavy and light cavalry, archers, slingers, fanatics and many other unit types to engage in classic battles.

The game features a total of 63 missions, including ‘Caesars campaign in Gaul’ culminating in the classic siege of Alesia, and the campaign between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, including the battle of Pharsalus.

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(PC and Mac $8.99 with 10% discount code applied, regular price $9.99)
(iOS $0.99 with 50% discount, regular price $1.99)

Please note: Discount code is valid until the 22nd August 2017.

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