Civil War: 1861 is out now!

24th March 2016

Civil War: 1861 Civil War: 1861 covers the opening battles of the American Civil War. The game covers both the small and large actions of that momentous year, starting with the battle at ‘Big Bethel’, on to the comparatively vast engagements at ‘Bull Run’ and ‘Wilson’s Creek’.

In 1861 both sides have plenty of volunteer recruits who, though enthusiastic, lack battlefield experience. On the weaponry side much of the equipment still belongs to the Napoleonic Era with a plethora of muzzle loading, smoothbore artillery.

Many of the commanders, who most would identify as the leaders the civil war armies, are still junior officers in the engagements recreated in this game. Command the Union or Confederate forces in these key battles.

Can you change history? Good luck and on to battle!

Civil War: 1861 announced!

15th March 2016

We’ve just put up information about our next iPhone, iPad & Mac release. We’ll let you know once we have a confirmed release date!

Assault on Arnhem now available on Steam!

11th March 2016

Assault on Arnhem Screenshot 4 Assault on Arnhem is now available on Steam for PC & Mac!

Play all four scenarios (Grave; Nijmegen; Arnhem; Operation Market Garden) as either the Axis or Allies. You can also challenge other players online or play the scenarios hotseat on the same computer.

The game includes advanced tactical features such as night time turns with reduced visibility, affecting combat and command and logistics rules governing HQ supply lines and unit regrouping.

Save 10% off the regular price ($9.99) during the special promotion that is on until the 18th March!

Tank Battle: 1944 now on PC!

1st March 2016

Tank Battle: 1944 on Steam Tank Battle: 1944 is now available on Steam for PC!

As well as over 90 single player missions and 12 hotseat multiplayer scenarios, the Steam Edition of the game also includes Steam achievements, trading cards and cloud saves.

Tank Battle: 1944 features advanced tactical features such as flank attacks, airstrikes, strategic movement, indirect fire and mounting and dismounting from vehicles. You can also use the detailed combat analysis to see how the different factors such as terrain and armor affect the potential outcome.

Save 10% off the regular price ($9.99) during the special promotion that is on until the 8th March!

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