New edition of Tank Battle: East Front now on iPhone & iPad

3rd December 2015

Logo Tank Battle: East Front is an exhilarating turn based strategy game in which you use hex based tactical combat to dominate foes on the Russian front of the Second World War. Fight as the Germans or the Soviets in a series of ever more complex missions.

The Eastern front of World War II saw some of the most ferocious fighting, as the Red Army and the Wehrmacht pitted ever more powerful tanks against each other. While the early years of the war saw the Soviets struggle to withstand the German Blitzkrieg, the later stages saw the Red Army counter-attack in great force.

This new edition includes the 7 Mission Tutorial, 6 Mission Phoenix Campaign and 8 Mission Blitzkrieg, 1941 Campaign. Once you have defeated there, there are over 100 further missions across 14 campaigns that can be purchased within the app.

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