Peninsular War Battles

6th August 2015

Peninsular War BattlesA new edition of Peninsular War Battles is now available on iPhone and iPad for just $0.99!

Peninsular War Battles places you at the forefront of Napoleon’s campaign to conquer Portugal and Spain.

The missions represent well researched representation of the major battles of the period with a full range of tactical options available to all the commanders. Each different combat unit is accurately depicted with the uniforms, colours and flags of the period.

The in-depth game systems allows infantry units to form line, column or square while light infantry units may skirmish in open order. Victory in most battles will go to the commander most able to utilize the combined arms benefits of infantry, cavalry and artillery to the best effect.

This new edition includes the 5 Mission ‘Tutorial’ Campaign, the 3 Mission ‘Invasion’ Campaign and also the 8 Mission ‘Assault’ Campaign. An additional three 8 Mission Campaigns are also available to purchase within the game. All missions, apart from the tutorial, can be played as both sides​.

Please note: All the content within this edition of the game is already included in Peninsular War Battles Gold.

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